Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ballpoint pen drawings - Mum's sewing box

Deep in Christmas shopping, card writing and festive baking here so I only have a couple of drawings to share with you today and I'm cheating a little as the second one is only half finished!

They're both drawn with ballpoint pen. This one's A5 sized.

ballpoint pen drawing

It's not really obvious here but this one is on cream A4 paper. It's drawn from a photo of an interesting fashion pin board which I found on Flickr. I still have the other half to do :)

ball point pen drawing

Here are the mince pies that have also been keeping me busy!

mince pies

Today I'm linking up to the following blogs: Lorik Art and Manon Popje's Illustrations


  1. WoWza - awesome drawings Clare :-D
    Oooooooohh !! ... yummy... my favourite................I'll be right over then - put the kettle on !!! :-D


    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love the half done drawings, I wonder if you could just leave it in that way? Maybe it is because I often start new things when I am half done :)

  3. Looks great, made me hungry now!

  4. Lovely drawings and delicious looking pies!

  5. I just had breakfast and you made me hungry again.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I used to love drawing with a ball point pen! You have inspired me - lovely work. And as for mince pies...yummmm. I always look forward to both them and xmas pudding!
    Thank you for sharing on MoM:)